Reflector Service

The Affordable Satellite Alternative


Quickly and easily setup a unidirectional STL (studio transmitter link). Avoid all the tedious business of having to configure IP networks, punch holes in firewalls, or negotiate with your network administrator or ISP's tech support department.


The Reflector Service is reliable because it's simple. With Reflector Service, you set it up once and forget about it. In addition, Barix's sturdy Instreamers and Exstreamers are known for their durability.


Reflector can save you money, as internet connections are cheaper than satellite. With the Reflector service, you don't need a 'Static IP address' (a way that your ISP has for charging you more money for your internet services). Sure, you pay for the Reflector service...but a lot less.


Whether you’re syndicating national radio shows or simply connecting your studio and broadcast tower, Reflector has you covered. Contact us to find if Reflector is right for your project.

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